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Effect of Online Games on Child Development

Technology development is very rapid, making it easy for children to access the various kinds of information they want very easily through an internet connection. One that can be accessed by children is online games. Online games are games that connect the players via an internet connection. The development of online games is inseparable from the development of games from generation to generation. The first generation game appeared at Atari 2600, this game was a game released in 1977 better known as VCS (Video Computer System), then the second generation game appeared with Atari 7800 in 1986, then the third generation appeared NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The fourth generation is Playstation to the current generation of games, namely online games that come with internet connections such as counter strike games, the age of empires, the clash of clans, and others. Game changes from generation to generation are very influential on the players who are often called gamers, gamers are competing to own and play online games that they like.

Online games have a considerable influence on people who play the game, one of them is children because they already have and play online games. Today’s children are accustomed to using gadgets to play online games, this is a mistake from parents. Parents may only want to show affection to children by providing various facilities such as sophisticated gadgets, but indirectly parents have taught negative things to children that can disrupt children’s development in the future. Online games can have a negative influence on children’s development, a very visible influence is that children will forget time and spend hours playing online games, children will be addicted to playing online games so that children will have a sense of desire to play continuously, as a result, the child will experience disease disorders such as minus eyes because they always look at computer screens and other gadgets. Other negative influences are online games can damage the morale and social behavior of children, because children will have selfish attitudes, being arbitrary, stubborn, and children will close themselves from the outside world so that children rarely interact with others around them. In addition, online games also make children commit criminal acts such as stealing to just play online games that require a fee to pay for an internet connection.

Besides having a negative influence, online games also have a positive influence on children’s development. Online games besides being a medium of entertainment for children, the results of research that has been done show that some online games have a positive influence on the development of children’s IQ, online games can also help children to improve their memory. Many online games can bring players to be good and can think logically. An example is the Tetris game which is considered an online game to build IQ development because this game requires enthusiasm, speed, and high logic. Besides Tetris there are also online games that have a positive influence on children’s development, namely the Backgammon game, this game can help children practice concentration and focus like playing chess.

The number of online games that can be accessed by children makes a more and more negative influence on children’s development, in this case, the role of parents in the selection of online games that suit the personality of the child and the age of the child is very necessary. Choose the right online game for ages and children can use their minds to play so they can sharpen their brains. Parents should provide understanding for children so that they don’t spend time just playing online games, and provide an understanding that the child’s task is learning, while online games are only a means of entertainment.


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