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Educating Children Is Not Just Educating

For many people, educating the child is getting them into school. Good education means entering children into good schools, known as favorite schools. So, parents are willing to send their children to another place, so that they get a good education, aka get a good school.

Is that a bad choice? Not. It’s just that it raises questions about the responsibility of children’s education. When our children leave it to others, what is our role as parents in their education?

Children’s education is the responsibility of parents. I don’t think anyone denies this view. Then, what is the role of the school? Schools, for me, are only institutions that help every parent in educating children. The role of parents remains the main. Do not turn it upside down, as if the school holds the main role, so parents can get their hands off when they enter the child into school.

That is, if there is no good school, or the school is not satisfactory, parents actually have to fill that gap with their role. With that principle, there are a number of parents who choose not to send their children to formal school, just to go to school by means of homeschooling.

I did not go through homeschooling but put myself in the lead role in children’s education. In terms of academic lessons, I was directly involved in teaching my children the various lessons they received at school. I help children to understand better when they are still having trouble understanding the material taught in school. There is a part that I straighten out when the concept taught by the teachers, in my opinion, is wrong. There is also a section that I added, to enrich the material that has been taught.

That is what parents must do. If the school is sufficient to meet the needs of our children, then we just need to enrich it. But when we consider schools inadequate, we must complete them. If needed, we must take a leading role in teaching academic materials.

Education is certainly not just a matter of academic material. The subject matter is actually only a very small part of all the educational components of our children. More important than that is the formation of character, such as being persistent and tough, orderly, clean, respectful and respectful of others, and so on. We can expect some of these needs to be met by schools. But again, the biggest role in its formation must be on parents.

The biggest portion of children’s education is actually not through the teaching process but through interaction. We interact with children every day, from which we instill values. The interaction starts from greetings, touches, and various activities that we do together. The development of this character cannot only be through verbal advice. Therefore, interaction is central to our children’s education. Now, when we keep our children away from us, doesn’t that eliminate the biggest component?

Many parents argue that they cannot do it all. If you are not capable, it means you feel unable to educate children, right? Then, why have children? In many cases, the parents were not usable but did not know or were unconscious. They think education is synonymous with school. Those who already know, do not have enough desire to implement it. Those who are not able, have no desire to learn, to be able.

Yes, everyone needs to learn to be a parent. Being a parent is not just fulfilling sexual desire, the biological result is having children. Also not just to meet psychological needs, enjoy the interaction with children only in parts that we like. Also not to meet social needs, have children because other people have children.

When a child is present in the womb, the parent’s partner must know how he should be treated. Incorrect treatment can cause the baby to be threatened with life, or be born disabled. When a baby is born, parents must know how to care for them. Care is needed not only for the physical but also for psychological needs. And so on. Parents should not stop learning, to meet the need to educate their children.

Well, many parents are reluctant to do that. The bigger the child grows, the more complex his educational needs. That is the more complex things that must be learned. To encourage my child to be interested in learning computer programs, I have to re-learn the basics of programming, for example. We must continue to learn because our children’s needs are very dynamic.

So, actually, there is no term cannot be in educating our own children. All there is nothing.


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