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Easy Tips to Increase Children’s Knowledge

School is very important for children. But school is not the only place for children to seek knowledge. There are six ways you can educate children outside of school.

These are the six ways

Introduce to public libraries

The library is the most valuable source of knowledge that can provide access to a collection of free knowledge books. In public libraries, there are various kinds of books for all ages including children. You can guide your child in a public library. Unfortunately, there are not too many public libraries in Indonesia.

Introduce to culture

Introduce children to as much culture as possible by visiting museums, zoos, historical sites, and cultural events such as drama, opera, and traditional music concerts. By going to places that are related to culture, besides being able to broaden the horizons children are also able to develop their hobbies.

Teach religion

If you live in a religious environment, get children involved in religious activities around the house. Sometimes there are new religious lessons that children get by studying in a home environment.

Surf the internet

Technology is the most important part of modern society today. Every day you are definitely connected to the internet. That means children also have access to cyberspace. Encourage children to look for answers on the internet. But you have to do it wisely. There are limits that children may not violate in cyberspace


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