Month: May 2019

How to write better for SEO

SEO content, especially written is becoming more and more critical to businesses and individual projects. With search engine Google being and reigning as probably the world’s most used website, search engine optimisation is crucial to the success of your site and the improvement of the traffic it receives. But how to write better for SEO? Here are a few tips and tricks.

Write what makes sense

AI on search engines is quite smart nowadays and it reads and understands what you’ve written. If what you produce is simply a keyword mix with 0 sense, do not expect good SEO results. However, if you create content which people read with a sufficient number of keywords – good results will follow.

Do not overdo on keywords

Speaking on keywords, even if the text makes sense, there shouldn’t be a sense that the text is purely SEO. Make it seem logical and informative, but the fewer readers can decipher that it SEO, the better.

Combine keywords

The more – the merrier. By combining them in a string, you are usually making it better for the reader and the potential client to find you. Because they are indexed separately and together, your chances of appearing high on the result list are better.

Avoid plagiarism and write original

Plagiarism is really bad for SEO; we mean really bad. What you publish and upload should be as authentic as possible. This is when an originality checker comes in to play. Software made to read and analyse your content to see whether it is original or plagiarised. We recommend using Plagramme because it is entirely free and is the world’s first true multilingual originality checker. – follow the link to know more.

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