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Topic 1 Primary Ideas Of Sociology And Sociology Of Education

The time period Sociology has been derived from the two words ‘Societus’ and ‘logos’ which means society and science. To phrase this specific difference between historical past and sociology in a quite simple language: the historian is concerned with the inter-play between persona and social forces; whereas, the sociologist is largely concerned with the social forces themselves. In accordance with Max Weber: Sociology is an try to account for the origin, development, construction and activities of society by the operation of physical causes working together within the means of evolution.

It is due to this fact quite apt to remark that sociology is the mother of all social sciences. The Training Commission (1964-1966) has observed: The principle social aims of education is to equalize alternative, enabling the backward or underprivileged courses and individuals to use schooling as a lever for the development of their condition. Besides new information, education group also produce and disseminated new values and beliefs that can be potent mills of social change.

To offer free and common primary education for the age group 6-14 is a constitutional obligation. The scope of sociology of education, as clear it includes all the elements of common sociology with particular reference to training. Analysis of mass persuasion or propaganda and of public opinion has been one of its main pursuits. Maybe the educational sociologists have been some what more sensible minded than n those students now we have characterized as sociologist of training.

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