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4 Learning Tips for Writing for Children

Many parents think that writing in English is an assignment for elementary students in a higher class or even assignments for middle school students. But that is not true. If the child has started learning to write English at the beginning of elementary school, then they will be proficient in writing once they enter junior high and high school.

Dr. Yihuai Cai, Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University suggested that children start practicing writing in English since kindergarten and early elementary school!

How do you practice children’s English writing skills at home? Dr. Yihuai Chai shares the following 4 tips:

  • Search for written material through outdoor activities

Writing English is not only about language skills; it also includes creativity and observation of children about their lives. Children can get writing inspiration from their daily activities.

In America, children at kindergarten to grade 2 elementary school practice writing every week, with topics related to daily life. For example, in addition to writing class activities, they also describe the weather or daily activities. Every week, the teacher will take the students to the zoo or to the park, and ask students to write down their experiences.

Dr. Cai advises parents to take their children more activities outdoors. If children expand their horizons, then they will have more things to write about.

  • Brainstorm with children before writing

Before children start writing short paragraphs, parents can invite children to brainstorm to expand their writing ideas, for example by recalling the details of activities and writing a list of topics and important points. For example, parents can chat with children: “Are there interesting things that just happened? What are the most appropriate words to describe this? “Let the child record or draw important information during this brainstorming process.

The following are two methods to help children …