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Fun, Quick Ways to Teach Children to Read!

We must believe that children have unmatched learning abilities because a lot of evidence we have seen in their daily lives can memorize advertisements, talk when we talk to other people, and absorb the words we say. In his book ‘How to Teach Your Baby to Read’, Glen Doman said that basically the abilities of children, especially toddlers, are extraordinary. In fact, said Doman, the brain of a child who had half done surgery Hemispherectomy (removing the physical half of his brain) could have the same ability as a child whose brain is intact and normal. Actually, in the Doman method, teaching reading to children under five is easy and simple. It’s just that it’s so easy and simple that we often ignore, delay, and underestimate it so that finally the time is over and it’s too late. Easy and simple, but that does not mean it can be “arbitrary”. There are things that need to be done and important to do, which of course is so that the goal of teaching reading to children is achieved with satisfactory results.

What can

Do not make children become bored by advancing too fast, advancing too slowly, and giving too many tests – Don’t force the child, whatever the shape – Don’t get tense, so you better delay if the atmosphere doesn’t support both you and the child – Don’t teach alphabet, but teach him the words

That should?

Cheer up and make your child’s mood happy and comfortable receiving “lessons” from you – Always create new ways. Remember, however, bad the way you teach, it is almost certain that he will learn more than not being taught at all.

Glen Doman Method (Phase I)

It is better to delay teaching your child about letters because the smallest element of a language …