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Taking notes is very important in the learning process.
Our culture of learning in college has not provided enough space for
teaching learning skills to students. And they don’t know yet
a lot about note taking, and or notes skills. Do notes that are linear, neat
and if typed can be a dictate immediately is a good record? On what media
Should lecture notes be made? Whether in notebooks, paper binders, opaque paper, small notes,
or directly recorded electronically on a laptop? Is the optimal method of recording lectures in
class and record the literature?
When reading non-fiction and article books, sometimes we are interested in something
and therefore we need to keep that in mind. Some of us usually
will immediately take a highlighter, or pencil and start crossing or writing notes on
the book page in question. What a pity if the book we scribble is
is an expensive book or a rare book.

Therefore, there are several reasons for this
take notes as follows:
1. because you need information or ideas
2. because you love scribbling on the book
3. because if you have to look back on the concept that you think is important in the book
it will be difficult

Mark andrew (2006), explains some of the benefits of notes, namely:
1. to see the reading structure
2. to quote interesting, useful things or something that is needed
3. to remember
4. to search again sometime later
5. to help concentration and understand what is read

The main material that needs to be recorded includes:
1. key elements: central ideas, big issues, important information
2. the author’s goals and assumptions about certain things
3. useful details and facts such as statistics and diagrams
4. subject matter followed by questions, alternative ideas, and ideas, comments, opinions, …