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Fun Ways to Learn Mathematics with Children

Children are afraid of math lessons, Bun? Apparently, parents also contribute to making children afraid of mathematics, you know.

Not a few who think mathematics is a scary, troublesome and most boring lesson. Even if children offer math problems, there are mothers who react spontaneously asking children to ask their father or vice versa.

If parents cannot teach, the easiest solution is to bring private tutors home. Approximately what can parents do so that the fear of mathematics does not decrease to the child?

Said Ruth Champagne, Ph.D., lecturer in mathematics education at Concordia University, River Forest, USA, parents unwittingly thought, ‘I don’t like or don’t master’. The thought also fosters children’s dislike or fear of mathematics.

To make children like mathematics, said Ruth, it really doesn’t depend on how much math knowledge parents have. However, it is more fulfilled the conditions for how much parents become a child guide.

So that children are not afraid of mathematics, we can start in a simple way, Bun. For example, using a game system such as playing cards or interesting books. Other media are certainly still many, but according to Ruth, simple games can be created by anyone. Including those who don’t like math.

Ruth advised parents to look for references through math books. In this way, we can strengthen the skills needed by the child to master mathematics, namely perseverance, ability, following the systematics, willingness to practice, and the ability to become a problem solver.

Mathematics is indeed not a light lesson. A number of studies in the United States have also proven it. They examined the class consisting of 1,010 elementary students.

One of his findings, a third of the time teachers taught was only used to teach mathematics. In grades 3-4 and 4-5 elementary schools, many students have difficulties …