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The Best Type of Child Sports, According to Age and Development

Sports is one of the fun activities for children with a myriad of benefits. Don’t waste the golden opportunity to teach and introduce your child to the world of sports as early as possible. Not only health benefits, in fact, teaching children to exercise from the age of primary school will provide other skills that your child’s friends may not have. Then, what child exercise is right for school age? Check out the reviews here.

Type of child exercise according to age
Ages 6-9

The attention span of children aged 6-9 years still tends to be short. Giving instructions that are too complicated will be more difficult to understand. Children need brief, clear, little by little instructions. Sports that require special strategies are still difficult for children to absorb so that it will make them confused. Also, adjust the motor skills of children at this age. Sports that can be done include:

Playing soccer
Gymnastics / gymnastics
Martial sport

At this age, focus on the right techniques and movements. The right techniques and movements are very important as a basis before children sharpen other aspects such as speed and strength. With the right techniques and movements, strength and speed will follow.

Ages 10-12

When stepping on this age, motor skills, thinking skills, and the ability to make decisions are all better than 6-9 years. Children are also able to follow directions that are increasingly complicated and can remember them well. In fact, children have begun to be able to think about certain strategies while playing.

With this condition, children will be ready to do more complicated sports. Both in terms of instructions and movements. Sports for children in this age range include:

Baseball or softball

The sports mentioned are sports that are increasingly complex …