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Recognize Children’s Learning Methods: Audio, Visual, or Kinesthetic? Share it


Every child is born differently. Even twins have different talents and skills. Well, so is the way to learn every child.

There are children who are easier to absorb material if there is help with teaching aids. However, there are also those who can learn easily if the material is made into a song.

By recognizing their learning methods, children learn more effectively. He can understand information better without feeling frustrated. Then, which type of child Moms, huh?


Children who learn with audio methods can best understand the material by listening. He will remember the things he heard, not what he saw or felt.

For example, children better understand instructions dictated verbally, not in written form. Note if when reading or memorizing something, the child mumbles or reads aloud the subject matter. This means the Little One learns from the audio method.

To support the audio learning style, Moms can test children’s understanding with an oral quiz. Ask the child to retell the lesson summary to Moms rather than writing it on paper. At school, ask the child to sit in front so he can listen to the teacher clearly.


Visual learning styles rely heavily on props such as images, diagrams, tables, films, and infographics. Children will learn faster when seeing and watching things.

The child may easily lose concentration if he only listens to the explanation from his teacher. His eyes must also be preoccupied with certain objects. When asked to remember something, the child may close his eyes to imagine this.

So that children with this learning method can learn more effectively, ask the child to take notes or draw key ideas delivered when the teacher is explaining something without pictures or props.

When children are learning new material, try to look for images or …