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Educating Children Is Not Just Educating

For many people, educating the child is getting them into school. Good education means entering children into good schools, known as favorite schools. So, parents are willing to send their children to another place, so that they get a good education, aka get a good school.

Is that a bad choice? Not. It’s just that it raises questions about the responsibility of children’s education. When our children leave it to others, what is our role as parents in their education?

Children’s education is the responsibility of parents. I don’t think anyone denies this view. Then, what is the role of the school? Schools, for me, are only institutions that help every parent in educating children. The role of parents remains the main. Do not turn it upside down, as if the school holds the main role, so parents can get their hands off when they enter the child into school.

That is, if there is no good school, or the school is not satisfactory, parents actually have to fill that gap with their role. With that principle, there are a number of parents who choose not to send their children to formal school, just to go to school by means of homeschooling.

I did not go through homeschooling but put myself in the lead role in children’s education. In terms of academic lessons, I was directly involved in teaching my children the various lessons they received at school. I help children to understand better when they are still having trouble understanding the material taught in school. There is a part that I straighten out when the concept taught by the teachers, in my opinion, is wrong. There is also a section that I added, to enrich the material that has been taught.

That is what parents must do. If the …