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5 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Pre Prep School

Starting pre prep school can be challenging for both children and parents. However, with adequate preparation and assistance, it’s possible for your child to transition smoothly. Below are a few tips for parents to help their children prepare for pre prep schools in Melbourne.

Prepare Adequately Beforehand

A few weeks before your child starts attending pre prep school, you should prepare your child by talking about the school in a casual and positive way. However, you shouldn’t start this too early, as preparing months beforehand can be overwhelming for some young children. Instead, start the preparation a few weeks prior. You can even take the child to the pre prep school to familiarise them with the environment before they start. If allowed, you can also tour the classrooms.

Create a Set Schedule

Having and following a daily routine at home can help a child transition smoothly to the structure and environment of a school setting. Routines provide children with the opportunity to make decisions and become responsible. They can also learn concepts such as sequence and order. It’s therefore not surprising that children respond better at school when they already have an established schedule. The below routines can be established at home to help your child prepare:

  • Morning routines – In the morning, you can help your child make their bed, get dressed, eat breakfast and brush their teeth. You can also teach the child how to assemble and organise their personal items.
  • Bedtime routines – Before bed, you can help your child bathe, put on pyjamas and brush their teeth. You might also like to speak to your child about the day’s events. An effective routine at the end of the day helps children to settle for the night.

Get Involved

Children experts indicate that kids are naturally curious to learn things around them, so it’s important to get involved in the learning process at home. When interacting with your child, slip in life lessons that will be relevant to their school learning. For example, you can teach the child to serve the family dinner or share things with other people. You should also encourage positive interaction with the whole family or friends at home. Life lessons are helpful to the children when it comes to learning how to relate with others.

Help to Develop Motor Skills

You can help your child develop motor skills through art and craft activities. One fantastic activity you can try is helping your child model with modelling clay, which allows them to learn how to differentiate colours and form different shapes. There are also many other school-related activities that can be done at home. These activities prepare children well for pre prep schools in Melbourne.

Make Time for Reading

Reading to your child every day will develop their love for reading and can improve their vocabulary. It additionally helps to develop creative experiences that are vital to the learning process. Books that can help enhance the learning ability of children are available in many places at affordable prices.

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