How to write better for SEO

SEO content, especially written is becoming more and more critical to businesses and individual projects. With search engine Google being and reigning as probably the world’s most used website, search engine optimisation is crucial to the success of your site and the improvement of the traffic it receives. But how to write better for SEO? Here are a few tips and tricks.

Write what makes sense

AI on search engines is quite smart nowadays and it reads and understands what you’ve written. If what you produce is simply a keyword mix with 0 sense, do not expect good SEO results. However, if you create content which people read with a sufficient number of keywords – good results will follow.

Do not overdo on keywords

Speaking on keywords, even if the text makes sense, there shouldn’t be a sense that the text is purely SEO. Make it seem logical and informative, but the fewer readers can decipher that it SEO, the better.

Combine keywords

The more – the merrier. By combining them in a string, you are usually making it better for the reader and the potential client to find you. Because they are indexed separately and together, your chances of appearing high on the result list are better.

Avoid plagiarism and write original

Plagiarism is really bad for SEO; we mean really bad. What you publish and upload should be as authentic as possible. This is when an originality checker comes in to play. Software made to read and analyse your content to see whether it is original or plagiarised. We recommend using Plagramme because it is entirely free and is the world’s first true multilingual originality checker. – follow the link to know more.

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Netflix will Demonstrate Interactive Story Minecraft: Story Mode

Netflix denied reports that they entered the gaming industry. However, they claimed that they would add a new interactive story, namely Minecraft: Story Mode.

Before this, Netflix had a collection of interactive stories aimed at children, such as Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout, Puss in Book: Trapped in Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile, reports TechCrunch.

According to TechRadar reports, Netflix is ​​working with Telltale Games to provide games to their services, starting with Minecraft. Netflix is ​​now clarifying the news, stating that they do not provide games, but interactive stories.

Netflix announced a year ago that they would start looking for new ways to broadcast videos, namely through stories that allow users to choose their own stories. This method allows a story to be rich in variety.

This method can only be implemented on streaming services such as Netflix because it cannot be applied to traditional TV. With interactive stories, Netflix will also be able to attract the attention of families with young children.

Netflix confirms that Minecraft: Story Mode is an interactive story in five episodes that will be launched this fall. To make this interactive story, Netflix works with Telltale.…

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5 Things Parents Need to Do to Ensure the Health of Children in the Future

Raising a healthy child sounds pretty simple. But, in practice, of course, this is not easy to do. Because the environment has a considerable influence on children’s health. So, as parents, what can you do to maintain their health? See the tips in this article.

1. Meet nutritional intake

Providing the right nutritional intake is the key to maintaining the overall health of the child. Regulating nutrition in food is actually not difficult. You can start by applying a balanced diet that contains protein, carbohydrates, and fats from both fruits and vegetables.

When cooking in the kitchen, choose a cooking method that does not use a lot of oil, such as baking, sautéing, and steaming. Reduce excessive consumption of sugar and salt and replace unhealthy snack menus with a bowl of fresh fruit rich in vitamins. Pay attention to the child’s eating portion, serve food on a smaller plate to keep the portion. The most important thing is to make your child eat breakfast every day and don’t miss lunch or dinner.

2. Teach to actively move

Most kids will love watching TV. In general, they can spend hours watching their favorite cartoon series. This makes him lazy to move, which in turn can increase the risk of various diseases.

It’s good to invite children to get used to active exercise from an early age. With increasing age, it will be more difficult to develop children’s habits to meet physical activity needs.

Broadly speaking, exercise can help various body tissues to develop, and train the body to coordinate well. With active moves, various bone, muscle, and joint tissues can absorb nutrients better so they can grow stronger.

3. Provide an understanding of the importance of maintaining personal health

Education on sexual knowledge has given early will make it easier for …

Recognize Children’s Learning Methods: Audio, Visual, or Kinesthetic? Share it


Every child is born differently. Even twins have different talents and skills. Well, so is the way to learn every child.

There are children who are easier to absorb material if there is help with teaching aids. However, there are also those who can learn easily if the material is made into a song.

By recognizing their learning methods, children learn more effectively. He can understand information better without feeling frustrated. Then, which type of child Moms, huh?


Children who learn with audio methods can best understand the material by listening. He will remember the things he heard, not what he saw or felt.

For example, children better understand instructions dictated verbally, not in written form. Note if when reading or memorizing something, the child mumbles or reads aloud the subject matter. This means the Little One learns from the audio method.

To support the audio learning style, Moms can test children’s understanding with an oral quiz. Ask the child to retell the lesson summary to Moms rather than writing it on paper. At school, ask the child to sit in front so he can listen to the teacher clearly.


Visual learning styles rely heavily on props such as images, diagrams, tables, films, and infographics. Children will learn faster when seeing and watching things.

The child may easily lose concentration if he only listens to the explanation from his teacher. His eyes must also be preoccupied with certain objects. When asked to remember something, the child may close his eyes to imagine this.

So that children with this learning method can learn more effectively, ask the child to take notes or draw key ideas delivered when the teacher is explaining something without pictures or props.

When children are learning new material, try to look for images or …

Train Children to Help Homework with 10 Simple Tasks

Training children to clean the house can be done since he was a toddler. This is important so that children do not fully rely on their parents and household assistants. The hope, when an adult child, he becomes independent. But, how do you teach it to step by step?

Carol Paul, author of The Ultimate Family Clean Up The House Formula, gives advice, “Be patient with them, and give instructions two or three short and simple steps.” Furthermore, Paul provides some house cleaning activities that you can teach children. Of course, by setting standards that are appropriate for his age.

1. Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Children aged 2-3 years can already do this activity. Paul asked the child to try to suck everything he could. He also chose a lightweight vacuum so that it was easier for children to carry out their activities.

2. Mopping the floor.

Give the child a cloth and a spray bottle that has been filled with water. Children can use it by sweeping the damp cloth to any floor surface. It would be better if the floor has been cleaned with a vacuum cleaner so that the process of mopping the floor is easier and faster.

3. Dispose of garbage and replace the plastic.

This activity includes easy work for children. Before he goes to throw garbage, prepare a replacement plastic bag that he can put in the trash. If the garbage load is too heavy, you can change the task by sorting the waste by type and putting it in the container that you provide.

4. Clean the bathroom.

Generally, children like to play water. To clean the bathroom, give it a small bottle that has been filled with cleaning fluid, and show how to spray the liquid onto the floor, …